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Heywood Smith Haemorrhoidel Forceps S/J 21cm

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Heywood Smith Haemorrhoidel Forceps S/J 21cm
SKU: DRU.0382.20



de Heywood Smith haemorrhoidel Pinzette s / j 21cm
en Heywood Smith Haemorrhoidel Forceps S/J 21cm
fr Smith Heywood haemorrhoidel pince s / j 21cm
it smith Heywood haemorrhoidel forcipe s / j 21 centimetri
sp smith heywood haemorrhoidel s pinzas / 21cm j
po kleszcze smith haemorrhoidel heywood s / j 21cm
gr Heywood haemorrhoidel λαβίδα του smith / ι 21 εκατοστών
kr 헤이 우드 스미스의 haemorrhoidel의 포셉 s의 / j를 21cm
jp ヘイウッドスミスhaemorrhoidelの鉗子の/ jが21センチメートル
ru Хейвуд Смит haemorrhoidel щипцы S / J 21см
dn Heywood smith haemorrhoidel pincet s / j 21cm
ro smith haemorrhoidel Heywood forceps s / 21cm j
pr Heywood smith haemorrhoidel s fórceps / 21 centímetros j

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Additional Info

Article Number DRU.0382.20


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